Core Values

Passion for results

Pak Petrochemical Industries show enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do and are committed to produce and deliver high quality products and services.

Extraordinary Customers Services

We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and give high priority to the commitments that we make to them.


We accept responsibility for all our actions and support business decisions through experience and good judgment.

Continuous Innovation

We have pride in our ability to adapt quickly to a changing business environment and to be competitive in the world of styrenics.

Wise Environmental Practice

We are quite concerned about the surrounding communities we live in; we respect our environment and recycle or reuse our waste material in the best possible manner. It strives to become a zero wastage company.

Community Citizenship

We recognize responsibility towards active participation in our local communities. We give our employees participation in our annual profits through bi-annual bonuses; we also actively take part in philanthropist activities for the well being of communities and non-profitable organizations.

Global Network

We are accumulating the power of global insight, relationships, collaboration and learning to deliver excellent service to our international clients, wherever they do business with us.


Our employees at Pak Petrochemical Industries consist of highly motivated experienced personnel, who ensure all documentation and shipping needs are met in the most efficient and professional manner.

    Our services include:

  • Liaise with our clients all financial arrangements, such as LC, etc.
  • Synchronize with our buyers to ensure timely shipments.
  • Assure documentation is in accordance with the clients' requirements. Advice on the most suitable grade for each application.
  • Prompt and efficient communication between the client and the production team to work on specific needs and complaints. Guaranteed product quality and performance.
  • Competitive prices in line with the international rates.
  • Market evaluation and research is conducted regularly to ensure that vital up-to-date market information is available for exploring new customers.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing helps a firm in creating value by better understanding the needs of its customers and providing them with innovative products and services. This value is communicated through a variety of channels as well as through the firm's marketing strategy.

We understand that the success of a business venture largely depends on its team and we are proud of the fact that we have such a talented and diligent team of professionals working with us. Our workforce comprises of engineers, quality analysts, procuring agents, sales and marketing professionals.

Our philosophy is to create a single channel for satisfying the diverse and high class needs of our valued customers. We are highly flexible in responding to dynamic needs of our customers.

    Our main marketing activities involve around the following key areas:

  • Exploring new applications and uses in the fields of polystyrene of the existing grades and carrying out research and development to make them feasible projects for external parties.
  • By using different trade publications, magazines and academic journals, we promote new USeS and applications of plastics and create opportunities for new investors in this market.
  • Prepare monthly customer satisfaction reports after analyzing feedback and complaints from our buyers.
  • Our marketing communication channels not only involve traditional methods, but we do reach our customers and address all new queries through social networking websites such as face book, Skype, Linkedln and other media forums.
  • Updating with current trends in the fields of plastics and involving local manufacturers to launch new innovative products in the market.
  • Working closely with our customers to provide them with customize solutions and after sales service in a prompt and efficient manner.
  • Pak Petrochemical Industries continues to invest heavily in not only production capabilities but also in building its brand image and identity. A strong brand strategy is designed to create awareness for its product offerings and its core values and beliefs.

Way Forward

Pak Petrochemical Industries will continue to make huge investments in terms of hardware, software and expertise in technology that gives us an edge. With diligent, knowledgeable employees, our professionalism is undisputed. We are committed to achieve excellence in all facets of business dealings.

We are taking a progressive stride to carry out expansion within our plants in which we will be developing new grades to suit specific needs of customers and to serve the ever burgeoning market both locally and internationally.